Red Star 2PC. Hat & Legwarmer Set

Red Star 2PC. Hat & Legwarmer Set

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Preemies can lose body heat very quickly through the top of their heads. Wearing this cute hat will keep the baby's temperature better regulated.

These fold-down cuff Leg/Arm Warmers made out of stretchy cotton rib knit are just right for the newest little baby. They help make those frequent diaper changes easier and provide a cozy layer of warmth both in the hospital and at home.

Made from Cotton knit - Machine Wash - Made in the USA


Size Micro Teeny Preemie
Weight 1-2.5 Pounds 2-4 Pounds 3-6 Pounds

" Tall

3" Tall 3.5" Tall
Band Width " Wide

4.5" Wide

5" Wide
Size Teeny Preemie
Weight 2-4 Pounds 3-6 Pounds
Length of Garment 6" Long

7" Long

Width of Garment

2.5" Wide

2 3/4" Wide