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Perfectly Preemie started back in 1993, when I became aware of the need for preemie clothing. "How did you get started in Preemie clothing?" You can just imagine how many times I've been asked that question over the years. "Did you have a Preemie?" is usually the second question that gets asked even before I can answer the first! Actually, someone I knew, in the church I was attending, had a Preemie baby, and nobody was able to find any suitable or affordable clothing for it. I told them, "I can make Preemie clothes!" You see, I had sewn all my life, from my own clothes to clothing for my 3 children. When I discovered the need, it became my passion. I began to research and design a line of Preemie clothing that would genuinely address their unique requirements and sizing.

Of course, I don't personally sew everything we manufacture today! We've far outgrown what I can produce alone. We have a team of great people that manufacture our Preemie clothes right here in the USA. We offer our Perfectly Preemie line in 3 Preemie sizes - Micro (1-2.5lbs), Teeny (2-4lbs) and Preemie (3-6lbs). We also have grown to include Take-me-Home (5-8lbs) in a few of our styles.

Now, I have the privilege of working alongside my daughter, Melissa who takes care of all the order fulfillment, customer service, and so much more. As well as my daughter, Emilee who helps me with the production side of the business. It is so nice to have both of them helping me, since they have been here for the whole journey of this business. I am hoping they will both take over whenever I am ready to retire, the problem is I have no intent at this time! You see I just love what I do. Along with the girls, my wonderful husband Kevin helps out with all the bookkeeping, and website needs. Perfectly Preemie is indeed a family business, working with your family in mind.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and resources shopping at our store! Please feel free to drop us line with your Preemie story (send pics), suggestions, ideas or any feedback you may have.

I really care, 

Cressie Baerg
Perfectly Preemie

Things that set us apart...

When you shop with Perfectly Preemie, you can count on receiving the best, innovative products available for premature babies and fun styles for going home. We are simply passionate about helping Preemies! Even as the availability of preemie clothes has increased in the last few years, we have found that not all of them address the special needs that preemies have, either in the NICU or in the transition home. At Perfectly Preemie, we offer a variety of different styles of customized preemie clothing made specifically to meet these very real needs.

Research has found that the contact made with clothing preemies may contribute to higher survival rates and faster growth rates prompting preemies to be released from the NICU more rapidly. We help facilitate this with great preemie clothes that work perfectly in the hospital and at home. Our Nic-Friendly styles offer shoulder openings for easy access and the ability to work around the medical needs of preemies.  Closures on these preemie clothes vary from velcro, plastic snaps, ties and classic snaps, to meet the many different needs of these little miracles.

So, why shop with us? 

"Why shop here?" Even though there are new storefronts opening on the web all the time, they will be hard-pressed to come anywhere close to matching our experience, sizing and selection. Since 1993, we've done the medical research, consulted with NICU staff, and dialogued with Preemie parents to determine just what a Preemie baby needs in regard to their clothing and accessories. We manufacture our own Perfectly Preemie line of clothing to best meet these requirements. We've also looked far and wide for the best Preemie gear and products from other manufacturers to ensure that you find everything needed here in one stop.

1. Tried, true and field tested
2. Great sizing and selection
3. Impeccable quality
4. Affordable pricing
5. Fast shipping
6. Safe and secure
7. Friendly customer care

1. Perfectly Preemie manufactures our own line of clothing, which enables us to implement the research obtained from NICUs and premature baby providers across the country. Our uniquely designed styles work very well in the NICU for many reasons. Most importantly, is the garment's great ease of use - just lay the baby down and snap up around them. This is perfect for less stress on the little one while making allowances for tubes and wires. Furthermore, the plastic snaps or velcro we use will not overheat in the isolates. 

2.  We are the only manufacture to offer three preemie sizes. They begin with Micro (1-2.5lbs), move up to Teeny (2-4lbs) and then Preemie (3-6lbs). We have been made aware by many parents that they enjoy having sleepwear such as the baggette, and crossover baggette in a larger size, so we offer those in Take-me-Home (5-8lbs).

3. Perfectly Preemie's pledge to you is that our goods and service will be of the utmost quality. Our fine finishing is what sets us apart from our competition. For example, instead of just surging the edges of our garments, wherever possible, we bind or cover-stitch for a much better and cleaner look. 

4. Perfectly Preemie furnishes great prices to our customers because we control the manufacturing of our own product line. We are always on the look out for new fabrics, and accessories to make sure we are providing you with the best clothing possible. 

5. Perfectly Preemie provides fast and easy shipping for all customers. We offer Free Super Saver Shipping (USPS First Class) for most orders over $50.00. If you want your order faster, the Flat Rate shipping of just $7.95 for any size US order provides you with FedEx 2nd day delivery. We ship out your order quickly, usually the same day the order is received or the next, depending on the time of day. We understand the need for quick service for these "small but special" customers! 

6. Perfectly Preemie offers you the safest ordering and security available. We do this by partnering with Shop Pay and our encrypted SSL key to protect our site and shoppers. All credit card orders are processed by Authorize.net on a secure server, ensuring all credit card information is not vulnerable - we never receive it on our site. The same security level is found with any PayPal transactions. We do not sell or give our customer information to anyone.  

7. Perfectly Preemie is here for you, our office is located in Washington State and at this time we do no have a retail store. You can email us and we will respond to you expediently, or you can reach us on the phone at 1-505-433-1958 from 9-5 Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Providing extraordinary preemie clothes and preemie gear is what we do, so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we'll take care of it. If you have any questions regarding our preemie clothing or need help finding what you are looking for, please let us know so we can better serve your preemie clothing and preemie accessory needs.

Looking for a place to chat and exchange ideas about clothing your preemie? We love customer feedback and have created a Blog plus our Facebook page to discuss all things preemie, updated with new products and special offerings, please check them out today.