Why Do we use Velcro on our preemie clothes?

Recently, I found myself engrossed in a thoughtful conversation with the owner of our collaborative factory in Seattle, delving into the intricacies of our Velcro usage. This discussion coincided with the commencement of crafting another batch of jumpsuits, each adorned with over 12 sets of Velcro, prompting us to reflect on the challenges associated with this method. The factory owner, intrigued by alternatives like snaps and zippers, sparked a deeper consideration of our steadfast commitment to Velcro despite its drawbacks.


While Velcro undeniably has merits, the time-consuming process of sewing it onto garments and its tendency to stick to other items, especially in the dryer, pose challenges. To address this, we recommend closing the garment before washing.

Exploring alternatives, plastic snaps on our Nic-Sac proved impressive—remaining cool in warming beds and suitable for X-rays. However, the meticulous matching and snapping process led us to favor Velcro when developing the IV-Shirt. The swiftness of opening and closing, coupled with the flexibility of 2-inch Velcro strips, became indispensable for our tiny clientele.

Collaboration with the Velcro company brought forth new possibilities, particularly with their Sleek and Thin Velcro. This innovation improved the user experience and addressed the scratchiness concern by redesigning the "hook" side. Sewing it on the side away from the baby's skin ensures utmost comfort.

While closure choices may seem trivial, they become crucial when caring for small babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Each choice reflects a consideration of practicality, efficiency, and the well-being of these precious little ones.

The intricacies of closure choices highlight the balance between ease of use and potential challenges in caring for premature infants. It extends beyond practical considerations to providing comfort, security, and efficiency in the NICU environment.

Our journey of evaluating closure options reflects our commitment to providing the best care for premature infants. Ongoing dialogue with our factory owner and the exploration of innovative closures underscore our dedication to staying at the forefront of NICU garment design. As we navigate closure nuances, our focus remains on creating an optimal environment for the growth, comfort, and well-being of these tiny, resilient fighters.