Where Can I Buy Preemie Clothes?

So many people ask questions like, “Where do I find preemie baby clothing? Where can I buy preemie clothes? Where can I get clothing for my micro preemie in the hospital NICU?” As I discussed in my previous post, “What Clothes Do Preemie's Need?” finding clothing that is custom designed and manufactured for preemie babies is not something you will discover at many department or discount stores. Finding a Preemie “Brick and Mortar” store is next to impossible. Your best bet is shopping online. One of the biggest benefits of shopping online besides the convenience factor is the great selection you will find at your fingertips. Even though there are many hospitals with NICU’s that may have gift shops that carry some preemie clothes, they will tend to have a very limited selection to choose from. It's hard for the gift shops to carry much variety with Premature babies representing such a small market. 

In light of this, I will first give you a listing of some of the top online providers of preemie clothing for you to choose from. Then I will list a couple of national brick and mortar stores that may be able to help you as well.

Online Preemie Clothing Retailers
Perfectly Preemie
Preemie Store

Brick & Mortar Preemie Clothing Retailers:

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