What is a NIC-Jumpsuit?

At Perfectly Preemie, our NIC-Jumpsuit is a great one-piece style that is just perfect for the NICU and beyond. 

Many of the NIC-Jumpsuits come with matching cap, mittens and booties.

The shoulders open with velcro for easy access in the NICU.

Extra long side velcro gives an adjustable fit so that the outfit can grow with the baby.

Nicely finished with a coordinating trim for a very clean look and soft edges against a preemie's delicate skin

Full Velcro leg openings allows for easy dressing, diaper changes, and NICU access.

All of this adds up to make the NIC-Jumpsuit one of the best NICU friendly one-piece outfits you will find. 

When you shop with Perfectly Preemie, you can count on receiving the best, innovative products available for premature babies and fun styles for going home. We are simply passionate about helping Preemies! Even as the availability of preemie clothes has increased in the last few years, we have found that not all of them address the special needs that preemies have, either in the NICU or in the transition home. At Perfectly Preemie, we offer a variety of different styles of customized preemie clothing made specifically to meet these very real need.

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