So Who Really is Behind Perfectly Preemie?

I have told many people how beautiful it is for our business to have this thing called the internet! I know most of the mothers having babies today can't even remember not having it, but I still can clearly remember where I was when a friend was trying to explain it to me. It has been wonderful to be able to offer our products directly to parents! They can shop at any time of the day or night, and be able to find what they need. The negative part of the online store is not being able to personally work and talk with our customers. Social media has helped with that, through the pictures and stories. I thought I would also take advantage of our blog and tell you a little more about myself.

Most days you can find me busy working with fabrics, pictures, products, and inventory. Way back before all of that, I was simply a Mom, with three amazing kiddos, and a passion for sewing. Then one day a friend had a little preemie girl that changed everything. It set me on a 25-year journey that brought together my love of babies and my love of sewing. So now I am doing what I LOVE and loving what I do!

I do have other PASSIONS…like sailing our boat and having adventures with my best friend, my husband. We have taken our boat from Florida to Houston along the Gulf Coast. We’ve been up north to the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and beyond. We sailed completely around Vancouver Island in 2016. Last year we made it all the way down the West Coast of America and Baja, Mexico to the Sea of Cortez and left “Blue” there for the Summer. We are planning to go back soon for more time this winter and further enjoy the Sea and beautiful Mexico.

My biggest LOVES, are our five kiddos, and the seven grand kiddos! That is why we come home in the Summer, besides the summers in the NW are just the best. It also feels so good to have the change of pace from the Sea to the Land, instead of getting my hands wet I can get them dirty working in the flower beds.

You may be asking…”how does she do that and work?” Great question! Two big things are required be able to do that! First, my team. I am lucky enough to work with my daughter who takes care of the day to day operations at home. She is much better at this than I would be :) Secondly the fact that the Internet is amazingly available in many, many places. So this means I am usually working whenever it’s available. I can plan the next product group going to our small factory, buy fabrics (one of my favorite parts), face-time with the office, edit pictures (which my other daughter helps with when I am gone), and update the website with new products. My husband, who keeps me dreaming beyond the preemie land into the land of adventure, also helps with all the accounting and computer stuff that is way beyond me. 

I feel incredibly BLESSED that after this many years I can still be having so much fun, even though I will say I am stretched to grow at times. For example, social media, because I am a little older (just hit the 60 milestone) so I am in the generation where the many social media options can be daunting. I do remember life before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! I actually even remember my husband coming back from a family visit in Canada years ago, and explaining to me about this new thing his cousins showed him called “Facebook.” 

It is my goal to improve the lives of preemie's and parents by providing clothing that works well in the NICU and beyond. To help make life better for parents who are going through a difficult and challenging time. We always love to hear from you, and what we can do to better assist, either with product suggestions or what you couldn't find on our store. 

Thank you for reading,