Seven-year-old has a heart of Gold.

Addison Williams, left, asked for donations for Cooper Young, right, who was born premature at 26 weeks. CBS NEWS

This is a beautiful story of how a sweet seven year old girl discovered a need and decided to do something about it! For her birthday this year, Addison Williams decided she wanted donations for a preemie baby boy more than presents for herself. The babie's name is Cooper Young and she hasn't even met him. 

Addison’s grandfather, Brad Williams, had previously worked with Cooper Young's father as a firefighter medic in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He shared Cooper’s story on Facebook with his daughter, Emily and she in turn introduced Addison to the unfolding drama.

She became so interested that when it came time to send invitations for her October 23rd birthday party, she had an idea. Instead of presents, she wanted her friends and family to donate money for Cooper’s family to help pay their medical bills. She raised $307.

The story has gone viral, and the Young family is very grateful for the beautiful gesture. Addison’s gift is just one example of the flood of support Cooper and his parents have received since his birth — from the NICU nurses and doctors, to local firefighters in Charleston and strangers all over the country.

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