Dressing Delicate Beginnings: A Guide to Preemie Clothing in the NICU Journey

Discovering the joy of expecting a new life is an exhilarating experience, marked by the excitement of shopping for the newest addition to the family. Amidst the potential challenges of morning sickness, a growing belly, and numerous life changes, the anticipation of preparing for the baby's arrival stands out as a highlight for many mothers. However, when the unexpected happens, and the little one decides to make an early entrance, leaving parents wondering about the next steps, the focus shifts to the NICU, and thoughts about clothing might take a backseat.

Understanding that the first few days in the NICU are often a whirlwind of new experiences and adjustments, the need for clothing may not immediately come to the forefront. During this crucial time, the medical staff is dedicated to assessing the baby's needs, focusing on oxygen levels, feeding, and monitoring while regulating body temperature. While traditional clothing may not be a priority initially, essential accessories come into play, providing both practicality and comfort.

One such accessory is the humble hat, a vital addition that helps regulate a preemie's temperature. With options ranging from assorted knot hats to caps in various sizes, these accessories play a crucial role in keeping the baby warm, especially considering that preemies lose a significant amount of heat through their heads. Recent updates, like larger bands on the caps, provide room for growth and flexibility, catering to the unique needs of each preemie.

Mittens, another essential accessory, serve the dual purpose of covering little hands to prevent interference with feeding tubes and protecting delicate cheeks from scratches. Leg warmers, designed to keep tiny legs and arms warm without hindering diaper changes, prove to be both practical and nurse-friendly. For sheer cuteness, diaper covers add a touch of color and fun, making the NICU experience a little brighter.


As the baby progresses and achieves specific milestones, the hospital staff may give the green light to introduce clothing. This brings forth the question: "What preemie clothes should I get?" The choice of clothing is influenced by medical devices attached to the baby. For those with IVs, monitors, and other medical requirements, NICU-friendly styles become the go-to option. Perfectly Preemie specializes in designing garments with open shoulders, allowing for easy dressing and accommodating medical needs.

The NICU-friendly styles offered include IV shirts, NIC-suits, Crossover Baguettes, Dresses, and Jumpsuits, all featuring the open shoulder design. Not only do these styles cater to medical necessities, but they also facilitate easy dressing for parents, offering a convenient solution during a challenging time. The versatility of these garments often extends beyond the NICU, becoming preferred choices even after the baby outgrows medical wires.

For those whose preemies do not require NICU-friendly items, options abound with styles available in both open shoulder and non-open versions. The Crossover Baggette, for instance, is popular with parents for its open shoulder and fold-over bottom, now available in a non-open shoulder version and a larger size called Take-Me-Home. The Sweet-Tee, a beloved choice, is also offered with closed and open shoulders to suit different preferences.

As the baby gains weight and medical needs decrease, sleepers like the Crossover Baggette and the regular Baggette will be a go to option. We also offer fun side snap dresses for a little more festive look.

With these initial considerations addressed, a plethora of options awaits parents as the baby progresses. The focus on easy dressing, especially in complicated situations, remains crucial. Fragility and the reminder that these little ones should ideally still be in the womb underscore the importance of keeping them warm, cozy, and fuss-free.

Perfectly Preemie endeavors to provide an array of choices, ensuring that parents can find the size and style their preemies require and are excited to dress them in. Whether seeking NICU-friendly styles, sleepers, or other adorable options, the aim is to offer comfort and convenience during this delicate and special time. For any assistance, the Perfectly Preemie team is readily available via email at customercare@perfectlypreemie.com or through the convenient chat option.

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