Our Perfectly Preemie Clothes on Amazon Prime

Before the virus shutdown, I was visiting with good friends on their new boat. I will tell you it was beautiful! My girlfriend was showing me around when she asked me about some window coverings for their stateroom porthole windows. I made some suggestions, drawing from my experience on our sailboat. Then on Tuesday morning, she sent me a text with her completed project. I can say it turned out great and better than I had imagined. She got this tremendous cling-on film that she was able to put on the windows to give just the right amount of privacy. During our conversation, I asked her where she finally found the product, and she answered with Amazon. After we finished chatting, I sat and thought about that for a few minutes. We talked about an idea Saturday night; I get a text on Tuesday morning at 8:49, showing me the completed project. I understand that this isn't mind-blowing because she could have gone down to the local hardware store and found the product and finished it quickly in a day. It was the fact she ordered it on-line from Amazon, received the product, and then completed it in less than 48 hours. Sometimes I think this seems like magic! Do you ever wonder what our Great Grandparents would think? I loved hearing stories from my Grandma about the invention of the washing machine, the car, and a million other things that she saw. I often talk about this conversation because I wondered if I would ever have those types of stories. I now have grandchildren that will never know what it is like to not have the internet, cell phones, microwaves, and shopping on Amazon!

I think we are all utterly spoiled with what Amazon Prime will serve us up in a blink of an eye. I have experienced the benefits many times; one of those was when I was at my son's house. We were working on some family dinner, and I made the comment he needed a cutting board for his kitchen. Let me throw in that he is single, so his cooking abilities often require a microwave! He pulled out his phone, looked on Amazon, said, “Does this one look good?” In seconds he had it ordered. Ok, that is convenient and helps with memory problems like I have. So, I don't think any of us are complaining, the only negative to this scenario is that it is becoming routine, and it is difficult for small business to compete.

We are pleased to be able to offer FedEx 2day shipping for only $6.95 on our website. The other thing we have to offer is Prime shipping on Amazon. Yes, surprise! Perfectly Preemie items are listed on Amazon, and some of our products are also available with Prime shipping. We started working with Amazon a few years ago. We wanted to be where our customers could most easily find us. We also realize that many people do all their online shopping through Amazon. That is why we quickly worked towards offering our products with Prime shipping. We understand that preemie parents often need and want their products as soon as possible. Many times they find out their little one can wear clothes before they have anything that is the right size. So they are frantically searching for preemie clothes because we understand every goal a preemie reaches is a big deal! We have worked with many parents on getting the perfect going home outfit as soon as possible. The preemie timeline can move very quickly, so fast shipping is very much appreciated.

Hold on a few minutes! I don't want you all to jump over to Amazon and abandon your Perfectly Preemie cart. Like I mentioned above, we do offer 2-day FedEx shipping, and if you get your order in before our noon Pacific time cut-off, it will ship out the same day. All our inventory is not on Amazon; you will have the best selection on our site. We offer all first-time customers a 15% discount with New15, and you are supporting a small Mother-Daughter business more with a purchase on our very own website.

I will admit I am very biased, but you won't get better customer service than from my daughter Melissa, it's her actual face you see on the chat at the bottom of the screen. She is here to help you find what you are looking for, and I think it she is an excellent resource for anyone who has something specific in mind. We had a customer the other day, ask her if we had a print with squirrels on it. Melissa was able to direct her to the new Squirrel Nic-Suit, and our customer was thrilled. She is here holding down the day to day operations and getting all your orders shipped out to you as quickly as possible. I am usually busy with fabric, our contractors who sew for us, and factory runs!

No matter what we are doing, it is always our goal to provide you with the best clothing options for your preemie. Whether you decide to purchase from our store directly, or our Amazon store, we are here to help you! Here is the link to our Amazon Storefront if you would like to take a peek.


Let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at customercare@perfectlypreemie.com

Thanks for reading,