Healing Preemies Through Music

We all love music, and indeed, it is healing to the soul depending on what we are dealing with. So why should it be any different with preemies? Just think of when you have had a more difficult time at work and you've gotten into the car and turned up the tunes a little louder than normal! Remember how the music adjusted your attitude before you walked in the door at home? How about when you are in a loud environment and you put on the headphones to block out unpleasant sounds? Why would we think it wouldn't be the same for little preemies? They have come into the world and abruptly introduced to beeps, alarms and all the sometimes obnoxious noises in the NICU. 

I love this story I found about a Grandfather who decided to help his twin granddaughters overcome this noise issue with his harp music. He started playing to help the girls but ended up striking a chord for many in the NICU. To read the full story click here.