Extraordinary Baggettes!

The Baggette is another long-running style, going back to Perfectly Preemie's beginning. It started with the dislike of the old gowns I used with my children that had the pull string at the bottom and some that had just elastic. However, I found the bags had road up to their bodies and rested around their middle during the night. 

One day, I was working in the kitchen, pulled out a sandwich bag with the fold-over top, and thought, "this would work great to keep little toes inside the bag and prevent the riding up!" You never know when some inspiration will hit you! So, down to my workroom I went, and the cut, paste, and sample making began. I had always liked the lap-style neckline; it opens wide for more effortless dressing and snugs back down for an excellent fit. So, that is where I started; I added fold-over mitten cuffs to help prevent scratches and then the fold-over bottom. It took a few tries to correct the width and length, but that is nothing new when creating a new product. I made these a little wider than the bodysuit we had been making. I believe having a little extra room is needed when making a gown style! It is not a lot, just a little to make it not snug to the body. Production then started, and the rest is history! I have had customers purchase Baggettes for every friend's baby gifts because they loved them so much; this prompted us to add the Take-Me-Home (5-8lbs). Another fun tip about the Baggette is that the lap-style neck opens up, making it easy to bring the bag up from toes to neck. Give it a try next time; you may like it as much as I did.

The exciting news is that the Baggette is the first style we have produced with our Bamboo fabric. We have been working hard on print styles after finding the best bamboo fabric ever! Well, of course, that is my opinion. It is a great weight of cloth, a little heavier than others we have used in the past. It has a flannel-like feel on the inside next to the baby's skin. I want to have some things made for myself, but I don't think these prints will work for someone my age! 


1 - The lap-style neckline allows for easy dressing with a wide opening for pulling over the head or pulling it up from the feet and snug it around the neck and shoulders. 

2 - Fold over knit cuffs help keep hands covered and warm and their face free from scratches.


3 - The long bag has a fold-over bottom to keep toes warm & cozy while still providing easy access for those diaper changes. In addition, the fold-over bottom prevents the bag from riding up during sleeping, giving excellent access for easy diaper changes. The fold-over bottom makes diaper changes so easy! The care/content labels are sewn in the side seam to keep them away from the baby's tender skin. 

You'll Love Them! 

These features and the cute prints will quickly add up to make the Baggette Gowns a favorite. Let me know which element is your favorite!

Thank you for reading,

Cressie Baerg

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