Extraordinary Baggettes!

The Baggette is just the perfect choice in sleepers because of it's ease of use.

The Baggettes are so simple and easy to use, with the great features of easy dressing, diaper changes. We make them in a variety of prints and materials, so you can find your perfect match.

The lap style neckline allows for easy dressing with a wide opening for pulling over the head, or pull it up from the feet and simply snug it around the neck and shoulders.

Fold over knit cuffs help to keep hands covered and warm and their face free from scratches.

The long bag has a fold over bottom to keep toes warm & cozy while still providing easy access for those diaper changes. The fold over bottom prevents the bag from riding up during sleeping, yet still giving great access for easy diaper changes. We find that this is a better alternative to the old elastic bottoms and string pull ties. 

The fold over bottom makes diaper changes so easy! The care/content labels are sewn in the side seam to keep them away from babies tender skin. 

You'll Love Them!

All these features will add up to make the Baggette one of your favorite sleepers. We make them in a variety of prints and materials, so you can find your perfect match.

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