Confused on What is NICU-Friendly?

We sometimes receive questions about what items would be suitable for preemies to wear in the NICU. These questions have prompted me to write this blog post and highlight some of the NICU-Friendly styles available. I am hoping this will help parents and friends find these items easier. We have updated our "What should I Buy?" page and have highlighted these items with **NICU-Friendly next to the title for your convenience. However, I would first recommend checking with your NICU to see if they have any preferences or restrictions. We have found that each hospital has its own unique guidelines, so before purchasing items, you may want to have a chat with your premature babies' nurse.

Our categories are broken down into three preemie sizes: Micro (1-3lbs), Teeny (2-4lbs) and Preemie (3-6lbs) plus some Newborn (5-8lbs). The items in the Micro & Teeny categories should all fit into the NICU-Friendly range. When we design and manufacture these two sizes, we have taken into consideration that most babies will still be in the hospital until they reach the 4lb plus size. Under the Preemie Size category, we have broken down the category to NICU-Friendly and regular styles. You will also find a few more NICU-Friendly choices, like the jumpsuit in both short and long sleeves. NICU-Friendly styles will have open shoulders, giving you the ability to work around monitors and leads. There are only a few styles without this feature but will still be very NICU friendly, for example, the Sweet-Tee. These little shirts have the front velcro closures and adjustable side ties.

These great Nic-Suits are two pieces that easily velcro around a baby. They are available in all three preemie sizes.

The little NIC IV-Shirts come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve options. The long-sleeve are available in Teeny & Preemie only.

The only style with the plastic snap option is the NIC-Sac available in both Teeny & Preemie sizes.


Sweet-Tee's are available in all three preemie sizes for the perfect fit. We offer the Sweet-Tee in an Organic fabric option as well.


I wouldn't want to miss mentioning the cute little NICU-Friendly dresses we have for those cute preemie girls. In Teeny & Preemie, we have the Reversible IV-Dress that gives you two looks in one cute dress.


The newest addition to our NICU-Friendly line is the NIC-Jumpsuit. We combined the shoulder opening and easy velcro closures of the IV-Shirt and added the velcro to the leg openings for easy diaper changes. These are also available in short and long sleeves, as well as organic. This style is only available in Preemie (3-6lbs).

Beyond these clothing options, we also recommend the little mittens, caps, and socks. These items can usually be worn before the NICU-Friendly items we have talked about above. Sometimes they are the best way to start, because no matter where your baby is on their journey, keeping their little heads warm is a must. The diaper covers are another great option because they will dress up the little diaper without getting in the way of any medical needs. The sets that include a hat are even better!

For a more complete breakdown of each style, please check out our What Should I Buy page.

We also offer gift certificates - always appreciated, especially if you would like to give the mother the option of shopping for the right size when her baby has the go-ahead to wear preemie clothes.

I am hoping we are helping you find just what you are looking for. Please, if you need any assistance, we are here! Take the opportunity to chat with us on the live chat system, or email us at

Happy Shopping for your Preemie!