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That sweet little baby decided to come early, and Perfectly Preemie is here to help!

What in the world do you need for the tiniest babies on earth? Perfectly Preemie was created and designed by a mother of three who knows what you really NEED, and what you'll really LOVE when it comes to preemie baby clothes and accessories. We've done our research with the Doctors, Nurses and Parents of preemies, so we know what is required in the NICU and for heading home. Here is a list of what we consider preemie essentials for your baby's first few months and beyond. We've put these in order of need from a preemie's stay in the NICU to living at home. We start with our Perfectly Preemie Signature Designs that are manufactured in the United States and are available online exclusively through us.

We hope the list below is helpful for the "Must Have's" of preemie wear and care. We also have fun items like the milestone cards that can help document all the great accomplishments your preemie makes and wubbanub pacifiers that are just so handy and cute.  

Please take a look around and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help you with all your preemie needs. 

The Gang at Perfectly Preemie 

These tiny garments are made with the NICU in mind. With velcro or plastic snaps on the shoulders and down the front that make dealing with IV's and monitors a breeze. The Long Sleeve NIC-Sac’s are the only gowns with plastic snaps available on the market. The snaps do not heat up and potentially hurt the skin, or interfere with x-rays.

This is the only style that is made from two completely separate pieces. Providing super easy dressing, access to the chest and diaper for quick changes. The reversible styles give two completely different looks.  

This style provides the access to the shoulders for easy on and off as some of the other NIC items. We have used velcro as closures because of it's quickness in opening. We do use the Velcro Brand Soft and Easy, which is the softest velcro made. We think of where we put the hook and loop on all our styles, making sure the softest side is the one closest to the baby, incase there is ever contact.

These little T-shirts are a great beginning for any size preemie. They have a velcro closure in the front and wrap up around the diaper with ties on each side for a sweet look that's easy to wear. 

NIC-Jumpsuit  **NICU Friendly
Is a combination of our NIC-IV shirt and the playsuit. With the access to the shoulders for easy on and off and velcro at the crotch for quick diaper changes. This garment opens completely flat for the easiest dressing, and is made in a multitude of adorable fabrics for the ultimate "cute" NICU-friendly garment around.

Crossover Baggette
This is a combination of our Side Snap Gowns and Baggettes. Unlike the Side Snap Gown & Nightshirts the Crossover has velcro closures rather than snaps, which are a little quicker closing. Mitten cuffs and the fold-over bottom keeps the little hands and toes covered.

This long bag has a fold over bottom to keep toes warm & cozy while still providing easy access for those diaper changes. Fold over knit cuffs help to keep the hands covered and warm and their face free from scratches. The fold over bottom prevents the bag from riding up during sleeping, yet still giving great access. This is a better alternative to the old elastic bottoms and string pull ties. 

These garments are bound to be your most used, so be sure to have several. Mix them up with long sleeve and short sleeve. Pair them with pants or wear them under other outfits for extra warmth and to keep the baby swaddled. 

Side Snap Gowns & Nightshirts 
These gowns work wonderfully well for easy dressing, just open them up, lay down baby and snap a few snaps on each side. An open bottom gives access for any diaper change or other need in the NICU. The sleeves have great fold over cuffs to cover those little hands.

One pieces (aka: as footies or sleep 'n plays and playsuits) are great because they cover head to toe and won't bunch up on baby. They are so cute and practical at the same time! These are the perfect grab and go style.

Other Clothing & Accessories

Keep a few at the hospital for a little extra warmth. Some hospitals have times when they may not want the preemie dressed, so having some cute hats ready to help hold in their body heat is always welcomed. 

A nice snug swaddle is great for calming an overstimulated and/or tired newborn baby. We provide several blanket options as well as our Pea Pod and the Woombie.

Several pairs of socks and booties are needed to keep those little feet warm and we have extremely cute choices for you! 

We suggest at least a few pairs to keep their face free from scratches - especially if the baby is wearing something without fold-over cuffs. You know babies just love to have their hands up near their face! 

Very important to have a pacifier or two that fits your baby's needs without trimming! When you cut down a pacifier, it no longer meets safety guidelines. Babies can be put at risk with an unsafe pacifier and the possibility of loose bits of silicone. The pacifiers we carry have been designed to fit your baby's face - even in the face of tubes and cannulas.