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Why is the NIC-Suit perfect for the NICU?

In an attempt to continue to provide wonderful and practical clothing for premature babies, we have added another style to the mix. The NIC-Suit is a bodysuit style shirt with velcro openings at both ...
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When can I dress my Preemie?

Can NICU babies wear clothes? If so, WHEN can they wear them? One of the biggest milestones for a Preemie Mom is the day when you can finally start dressing your little one in his or her adorable pre ...
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Clothing Considerations for Preemies

The babies we refer to as Preemies, usually crash into our world very unexpectedly and surprise us when we are not ready - mentally, physically or any other way! These unique little ones can also com ...
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Our 2017 Photo Contest Winners

Announcing the 2017 Photo Contest winners is a great way to celebrate NICU Awareness Month! Congratulations to our three prize winners! We received a lot of great photos once again and it’s always di ...
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Supporting NICU families with meals.

What a Great idea! Who doesn't need to eat, want to eat, but not have time to prepare anything? That would be a family in the NICU, that's who! So these brilliant ladies decided to help that situatio ...
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Potato Head to the Rescue in the NICU!

When parents like Eric and Kristin Moan are surprised with twins at 23 weeks, they are like all of us parents; they want to preserve every monumental moment with a picture. That includes the weekly g ...
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Words of Advice from 10 Former NICU Mom's

I recently came a cross this article written by Melissa McGlensey for the Mighty, I thought it was great advice to share with new NICU Mothers:For new mothers, time spent in the neonatal intensive ca ...
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What Clothes Do Preemies Need?

What kind of clothing do you need for the tiniest babies on earth? Finding clothing that is custom designed and manufactured for preemie babies is not something you will find at many department or di ...
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Perfectly Preemie Photo Contest Winners

As I stated in the post with all the entries, choosing only 3 photos was almost impossible! Ultimately, we made the tough choice with the&nbsp;Founder getting the most weight in the decision. Drumrol ...
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What Should I Buy?

That sweet little baby decided to come early, and Perfectly Preemie is here to help!What in the world do you need for the tiniest babies on earth? Perfectly Preemie was started by a mother of three w ...
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About Us

We are a family owned business here to serve the needs of preemie babies and their families. We started back in 1993 designing and manufacturing preemie clothes that address the unique requirements o ...