Preemie Milestone Cards


Introducing Preemie Milestone Cards - a range of 36 beautifully designed cards used to visually capture key milestones a premature baby strives to reach.

Each card has a milestone unique to a premature babies special journey; 'My first kangaroo cuddle', 'My first breastfeed', 'No more CPAP for me', 'My first bath'. 
The back of each card includes space to write the date, age, weight and gestation of the baby when they reached the milestone.

Created and designed in conjunction with parents of premature babies, these cards have been designed specifically for NICU and Special Care nurseries with soft, pastel colors and beautiful watercolor features.

Note: These are the US Version of the cards 

Cards included in the pack:

  • Welcome to the world
  • My first cuddle with Mum
  • My first cuddle with Dad
  • My first kangaroo cuddle
  • Our First family photo
  • My first bath
  • My first breastfeed
  • My first bottle feed
  • I can wear clothes now
  • I'm a NICU graduate
  • My first sleep in an open cot
  • No more CPAP for me
  • YAY! I can breath on my own
  • 1kg party
  • 2kg party
  • 3kg party
  • Today I met my * (cut out card includes brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, cousin)
  • My first time sleeping with my twin
  • My first time outside
  • Goodbye feeding tube
  • I've put on weight
  • Tonight I'm rooming in
  • I'm a special care graduate
  • My first sleep in my own bed
  • Finally it's my due date
  • Home Time
  • 1 week old today
  • 2 weeks old today
  • 3 weeks old today
  • 4 weeks old today
  • 6 weeks old today
  • 8 weeks old today
  • 10 weeks old today
  • 12 weeks old today
  • 14 weeks old today
  • 16 weeks old today
  • Blank card
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