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Homestead Baggette

Perfectly Preemie

The Baggette is just the perfect choice in preemie sleepers.

- Easy dressing and diaper changing style
- Fold over bottom prevents the bag from riding up
- Fold over cuffs to protect from scratching, and provide warmth
- Made from soft 95% cotton 5% Spandex
- Made in the USA 
- Matching cap is included

The long bag has a fold over bottom to keep toes warm & cozy while still providing easy access for those diaper changes. Fold over knit cuffs help to keep the hands covered and warm and their face free from scratches. The lap style neckline also provides easy dressing with a wide opening for over the head, or pull it up from the feet and simply snug it around the neck and shoulders.

Special Feature: The fold over bottom prevents the bag from riding up during sleeping, yet still giving great access. This is a better alternative to the old elastic bottoms and string pull ties. 

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