Floral Splash Nic-Crossover Baggette
Floral Splash Nic-Crossover Baggette
Floral Splash Nic-Crossover Baggette
Floral Splash Nic-Crossover Baggette

Floral Splash Nic-Crossover Baggette

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I believe in providing parents many different options so they can find the perfect preemie outfit for their needs. This sleeper is a combination of our night shirt and baggette with an additional flare. We added velcro on each side (rather than snaps) so they will close easily in the NICU. The crossover front gives parents that easy open and lay-down baby dressing, and the fold-over bottom keeps little toes all warm and cozy.  This NICU-Friendly version of has open shoulders to make it easier to dress around a preemie’s medical needs.

  • Easy Dressing style with Velcro Closures 
  • Fold over bottom to keep feet warm and cozy
  • Open shoulders for easy dressing
  • Easy access for diaper changes
  • Made from 95% cotton 5% spandex knit
  • Made in the USA
  • Matching hat included
Size Teeny Preemie Take Me Home 
Weight 2-4 Pounds 3-6 Pounds 5-8 Pounds
Length of Garment 15" Long 17" Long 20" Long
Width of Garment 6.5" Wide 8" Wide 9" Wide

Like so many things, our preemie clothing line is ever-evolving. So, we have melded a few styles together for a better result for our customers. The Crossover Baggette is one of those styles. We took the Night Shirt, which initially had metal snaps on each side, and improved it with longer velcro. This change provided a better NICU-Friendly option for parents. In addition, the bottom was open, which is excellent for allowing medical equipment an exit. With a little bit of thought, we decided we could still provide the access but add the fold-over like on our Baggettes to keep little toes warm and cozy. The fold-over on the sleeves is a great feature, keeping little hands away from medical equipment and the face.

We took it a step further and added the open shoulders to this great little gown, so dressing around medical equipment is easy for parents and the staff.

We loved hearing from our customers: "My husband loved he didn't have to mess with a zipper or those dreaded snap buttons."

Crossover Baggette is a great preemie gown.

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