The Journey Of The Bravest Micro Preemie

We were so proud to be mentioned in this Mother's post, It depicts from a first person perspective how preemie babies are probably feeling and we wanted to share it with you all.

“So Mommy was told by some other micro preemie mommies that there's this awesome company PreemieProblems, where they help our little ones like me by donating clothes and blankets and stuff. Well Mommy filled out their little questionnaire telling them all about me and in just a few days she got all this new stuff for me!! Most of it is made by Perfectly Preemie - they make tiny little outfits just for babies like me in the NICU. They snap off at the shoulders, down the front and at the diaper area so my nurses and doctors can easily get to all my leads and PICC line and stuff. I'm working really hard to gain weight so I can wear these cute Christmas outfits and do a little fashion show for everyone.”