Preemie Nurse and an Incredible Moment

Selling lots of tissues should be no problem for Kleenex following the success of a viral marketing ad (video below) featuring a special nurse.

Nurse Renee Hendrix works at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. For years, she’s been assigned to the hospital’s NICU, where she takes care of newborn babies in critical condition. Most of these babies have been separated from their mothers because of serious medical conditions, and so they need to be monitored closely.

The nurse understands how difficult this initial separation can be for new parents. As a result she takes her work very seriously. “I feel like if I treat the babies like I would want somebody to treat my baby when I’m not there, that’s the most important thing,” she says. Nurse Renee’s compassion and commitment have impressed many parents so much that they jumped on a chance to show their gratitude.

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