Clothing Considerations for Preemies

The babies we refer to as Preemies, usually crash into our world very unexpectedly and surprise us when we are not ready - mentally, physically or any other way! These unique little ones can also come with all kinds of special needs: beds, wires, monitors, and tubes to name a few. Keeping up with these unique needs and communicating the “preemie lingo” with caregivers can be overwhelming at times.

We are in the business of trying to help at least one of these challenges - clothing! Some people may say it's not necessary, but we have a different opinion about that. Who doesn't want to put something cute and stylish on your new baby, no matter what size they are? So we have designed preemie clothes that will work wherever your preemie is on this exciting ride. If your preemie is still in need of monitors, IV's and the like, our NIC-line provides effortless dressing with no pulling over the head. Instead, it is merely laying the premature baby down on the garment and bringing around the fabric to close around wires or an IV. Since preemies often have sensitive skin, we keep this in mind when we pick out materials. Our Nic-Suit doesn't have any seams, and the reversible styles in the NIC-IV's have no exposed seams.

Perfectly Preemie provides a line that is arranged in a series to coordinate with the progress your baby may take. Of course, your preemie maybe one of those that makes leaps and bounds in the NICU and jumps over several of the styles. On the other hand, your baby may have the need of NICU friendly clothing for a longer duration of time. Either way, we have designed preemie clothing to fit your babies’ needs along the way. Our popular jumpsuit is one of those items that transitions from NICU needs (with open shoulders and easy opening velcro) to a very cute looking full one-piece outfit. The playsuit is then the next step, with snaps and built-in feet. In between those outfits are the nightshirts and baggettes for nighttime.

The other important thing to consider in preemie clothing is the sizing. We have three distinct sizes just for preemies and many of our styles are available in multiple sizes. Having the clothing actually fit your preemie makes a world of difference in how they look and how you feel about the garment they are wearing.

Along with our NIC line of clothing, we also offer attractive little caps which are always good to provide a little warmth and style. Leg-warmers, booties or diaper covers can also be added to a shirt or gown, or utilized by themselves if a tee-shirt or nightshirt is not yet allowed.

We want parents and families to understand that we are here to help you on your journey with your new premature baby. If you have any questions, we welcome your them or any suggestions, or if you can't find what you would like. Our customer service is here to help; please email us at

We also love to receive any pictures you have to share; please feel free to tag us on Instagram @perfectlypreemie or follow us on Facebook.

Thank you for allowing us to clothe your perfect little preemie!

Cressie Baerg,


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