Big booty Judy - Strength is More Than Muscle!

I have always been close to my niece, Sarah. After all, I sold ice cream bars at the State Fair to be able to fly down to Arizona from Washington State when she was born. She now is all grown up with 3 little boys and a baby girl due this month! A couple years ago when her 3rd little boy, Fritz, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at 11 months old, life for her got complicated fast. Just months after the diagnosis, my husband and I flew to AZ to support Sarah and our family in the Phoenix MD walk. That year Sarah raised the most money, had the most people walking to support Fritz, and was interviewed by the National Muscular Dystrophy Organization. She has started a non-profit to help bring encouragement to other parents and raise money for research. She has also written a blog and posted on social media which is always very real and encouraging - she just has a great way of looking at life. She is the one that taught me the difference between an adventure and a vacation!

I am sharing this post of hers with you because I laughed so hard when I read it! I think there are parallels between her struggles and the challenges preemie parents go through. I believe that laughter and trying to look on the positive side as much as possible, helps us through difficult times. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged! 

•Never did I ever...think I’d own a mini van before 30, and a gold one none the less.

•Never did I ever...envision myself raising a special needs child with a fatal disease.
•Never did I ever...plan on scratching the whole side of the mini van on our fence as I pulled into our house 30 min after owning it, only to have my non verbal son remind me of it in his own special way, every time we pull in and out of our property. “Mama! Mama!” He shouts as he points to the very spot I hit.

Life is strange, and unpredictable, and if there is one thing this new whip has reminded me of it’s that life is all about perspective and how you choose to view the never did I ever movements. •Im thankful for the four blessings that are the reason we no longer fit in our little Subaru.

•I'm thankful for the ability Fritz currently has to get in and out of this vehicle on his own.

•I’m thankful for a husband that didn’t make me feel worse when I hit and scratched up our ‘new to us’ car and for the humor found in the whole situation that allowed some creative minds to help properly name our new ride; Big Booty Judy.

Basically: Never did I ever think a loud, full, scratched up minivan named Big Booty Judy would be a reminder to daily choose gratitude and to welcome the many ways God uses the "never did I ever" moments to teach and grow us.


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