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What if preemie clothes are not yet allowed for my baby in the NICU?

What if preemie clothes are not yet allowed for my baby in the NICU?

The question is a great one if you or someone you know has a preemie baby, and the NICU may not allow the baby to wear clothing quit yet. Is there a gift you could still buy? The answer is YES! We have many items that would be a great fit for this situation. Here are some products that parents of preemies can use while their baby is in the NICU and even when they journey home.


Let me start with the baby book or journal, "MY PREEMIE BABY BOOK" this provides parents a great place to write, journal and note all the significant milestones their baby is making. This journal is a favorite 200-page keepsake for parents. It is illustrated and includes a heartfelt letter from the authors, inspirational quotes, guestbook pages, brilliant advice, journaling pages and milestone trackers - All preemie focused and NICU Practical.


Along the same line, our Preemie Milestone Cards enable parents to visually capture critical milestones a premature baby strives to reach. Each card has a milestone specific to a premature baby’s unique journey; "My first kangaroo cuddle," "My first breastfeed," "No more CPAP for me," "My first bath." The back of each card includes space to write the date, age, weight, and gestation of the baby when they reached the milestone.


Modern Burlap makes some adorable swaddles blankets with great sayings on them from "Sunshine" to "Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound." You are sure to find the right one to fit your little fighter. The black and white style is more than just design choices. High-contrast, black and white patterns enhance baby's your vision and stimulate brain development.


One of my favorite items to give as gift is a Wubbanub pacifier. Even if the baby is not allowed to use it immediately, there will surely be a time that Mom will thank you for sending her this adorable “life saver.” The little-stuffed animal attached to the pacifier help keep the pacifier in and cuddles with the baby. As they get a little older, they can find the pacifier easier on their own because of the more significant size.

We have written an article "What Preemie Clothing Should I Buy" about the clothing ideas that will work well for the smallest preemies to when they can leave the NICU. It is our goal to have many styles to fit all these needs, at many different price points. We want you to find exactly what you are looking for in our Perfectly Preemie store!

I will add that the simple items like a coffee gift card, a little tote of goodies, homemade dinner, and the encouraging text or phone call will always be a winner and so incredibly appreciated by any preemie parent. This journey can be tiring, with many high's and lows so whatever you find yourself able to do, please be assured it will be treasured.

We are here to help, so feel free to email any questions to us at

Thank you for allowing us to serve your preemie baby needs!