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10 Reasons Preemies Are Rock Stars

10 Reasons Preemies Are Rock Stars

Hey full-term baby!

Yeah you, with the chubby cheeks and the umbilical cord stump.

You and me, we had the same due date, but I’m already four months old. As your seasoned elder, they’re going to be comparing me to you, but I need you to know a few things.

1. I survived the roughest start there is to life. I’ve got major street cred in the NICU.

2. You came out screaming, and I was quiet. Like a one-pound ninja.

3. I didn’t practice breathing in utero or do any hiccups; I took my first breaths on my own because I taught myself. I’ll let that fact sink in ... I TAUGHT MYSELF TO BREATHE...

10. Everyone will like my pictures on Facebook for the rest of my life. Because I’m a preemie rock star.

You can read the full list at Huffington Post. By Jessica Bentsen. Follow Jessica on Twitter:

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