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Nu' Pacee Pacifiers - 33+ Weeks


The Nu' Pacee Pacifier is specifically designed for newborns! One-piece constructed pacifiers made of a medical grade silicone (latex free).  The Nu' Pacee can be used with gavage feeding, intubation, & Nasal CPAP.

It is designed to fit around ET tubes, nasal CPAP, and feeding tubes.  Also when babies are on their sides the pacifier can be turned on its side and facilitate pacifing your patient. A pacified baby is a less stressful baby and less stress lessens hospital stays.  The 2 sizes are identical in shape and close to the shape of most bottle nipples, and it is softer than any other to collapse like a breast and make transitioning from non-nutritive sucking to feeding faster and easier. 

This is why the Nu' Pacee Pacifier so great?!

  • 100% ONE PIECE SILICONE pacifier (no latex)
  • Softer nipple to pacify longer without fatique
  • 6 ventilation holes for increased safety
  • Transition easily from the preemie to the newborn
  • No more cutting pacifiers to make them fit
  • Best designed pacifiers for neonates


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