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- Dawn

"My triplets boys were born on 10/21/05 at 25 weeks gestation. They are in the NICU at our Children's Hospital. I thank God for this website. Two of our boys are only 1lb 12oz and the third is 2lbs."
- Sonja

"On November 28th I had my son Jackson at 26 weeks gestation and he was only 1lb, 10 oz. My aunt found your website and sent me some things and I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn't believe someone out there made clothes for a guy as little as mine. Thank you soooo much for being here. I am so grateful to be able to do something for my son at a time where it seems like I am helpless!"
- Angeline

"Perfectly Preemie, Thank you SO much! Our Baby, Matthew Zachary Bianco, was born 1 week ago at 1lb 2oz, and your clothes worked like a miracle! When I try to take the clothes off to put on his PJ's, he cries! I guess he likes your clothes. Thanks again!"
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"Loved your clothes...they were a hit in the NICU for our 4 months...but now, at 9 months and a whopping 12 pounds, our little miracle still has a feeding tube...and occasionally stays back in the hospital with IV lines, etc."
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- Anonymous 

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